This is my doujinshi collection and reference site. The vast majority of doujinshi I own is from the series One Piece and feature the pairing Zoro x Nami. (They're the only pairing I'm "seriously" collecting right now. I shudder to think what will happen once I move on to a different one. -__-;;; My wallet weeps! Though, granted, I'm dabbling with Ichigo x Rukia and Hiruma x Mamori, but I think WE CAN ALL SEE the difference in QUANTITY. Ahahaha-Erk. --;;)

Most of the doujinshi I collect are for het pairings (and they're sure hard to find!). There are some shonen-ai doujinshi in my collection, however, such as Hikaru and Akira from Hikaru no Go. Obviously I'll note any pairings and/or mature content so you won't accidentally buy that doujin if it's not your thing (or if het's not your thing). XD

Currently none of these doujinshi are for sale, so please don't contact me about purchasing any of them. The only exception is if I note that I already own the doujinshi in a compilation, I may be willing to sell it to you. Please be aware, however, I paid quite a lot for some of these because of import fees, shipping, rarity, (or I was dumb) etc. and while I don't believe in jacking up the price on resale, I don't want to let them go for a fraction of a price I paid for them either. D: I think that's fair. It's an expensive habit!

On the other hand, if you would like to sell me anything on my wishlist from your personal collection, please do get in touch with me. Professional sellers with items on my wishlist need not apply as, rest assured, I am watching all your sales all the time. ;) (Most of the time I'm just too broke to buy.)

If you note any incorrect information (Circle Names, Titles, etc.) please do drop me a line and let me know. My Japanese level is quite low, so undoubtedly I'll be making a lot of mistakes.

This site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and most of the pages and content are not up or complete yet. When they are complete they should have summaries and cover scans for each doujinshi.

Current # of doujin: 184